Almost every one of us uses Gmail, the mail service from Google is handy and offers a simple interface to work over. But if you are wondering to delete your Gmail account, then keep reading and we will discuss all the implications and implementation of this move.

Let’s Start

The process is fairly simple and just requires a couple of clicks. So, let’s dive straight into the process.

  1. Go to Google Account Settings from this link.
how to delete gmail
  • Sign in with the Gmail Id you want to delete.
how to delte gmail
  • Navigate to the Data & Personalization tab.
how to delete gmail
  • Scroll down, click on the option to Delete a service on your account.
how to delete gmail
  • Now, choose to Delete a service on the next page.
  • You will be prompted to sign in again and verify your identity.
  • On the next page, all the Google services will be listed, you can select any one you would like to delete, but here we will be selecting Gmail.
  • You can also download all your data linked with the account before deleting.
  • Now, you will have to give an alternate email address to login in and use the google services.
  • Lastly, you will be sent an email with the deletion link in the message.
  • Follow the link and confirm your deletion.

That’s it. Now, that Gmail account is gone.

What happens next?

Well, your Gmail account is permanently deleted, and now you can no longer access any email related to your account. People who will still try to mail you on your deleted Gmail Id will recieve a delivery failure message. Therefore, try to circulate the new email Id before deleting to prevent any further inconvenience.

You can still access all the other Gmail services from the alternate email id you provided.

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