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MD Hearing Aid is an online business selling affordable, FDA-approved medical-grade hearing aids. They sell non-custom hearing aids directly to customers, foregoing middlemen and hearing professionals. It is this absence of middlemen that renders their services so inexpensive, making them suitable for those on a tight budget. Shipping is free, and you can also opt for discounted monthly payment plans to get your regular supplies. It comes with a 90-day extendable warranty.

The hearing aids are available primarily in three variants – MDHearingAid PRO, MDHearingAid AIR, MDHearingAid LUX – the AIR variant being the most popular. It is claimed to be virtually invisible and effective in various settings, like watching TV, family gatherings, daily activities etc. Its ‘Pair Bundle,’ priced at about $800, comes with 2 MDSheild Protection Plans and a year’s supply of batteries. However, users have reported that the batteries have to be changed a lot more often than you’d expect, which means that their supposed “year’s supply” is probably not going to last you that long. 

A Pair Bundle of any variant also includes a cleaning tool, a carrying case, their trademark Tubing with Earhook, Bluetooth remote control and app. The app basically works through a Bluetooth connection established with the hearing aid earpiece. While it is claimed that the software can help customise the experience for users and to easily change volume, configuration etc., many users have reported that the working of the software is highly erratic as it keeps losing connection with the earpiece. 

While there has been mixed feedback about the overall quality and efficiency of the MD Hearing Aid devices, there are a considerable number of customers who are happy with their experience, especially given the price. If you are looking for a convenient option for your needs that does the job without breaking the bank, MD Hearing Aid is for you.

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