23andMe is an at-home genetic test through which customers can access information about their ethnicity, family history and health factors.

Ancestry is a genealogy software that allows you to build a family tree and learn about unknown relatives. Ancestry has plans starting from $19.99 for a month.

However, AncestryDNA is an advanced feature similar to 23andMe DNA kits. It allows you to send in a saliva sample and determines your ancestry and relation with other DNA members.

23andMe and AncestryDNA are two of the most popular DNA tests in the world. While both of the tests are great for ethnicity results- Ancestry currently tests for 500+ regions whereas 23andMe tests for 1000+ regions.

23andMe DNA test kit
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Main difference

Both of them use similar DNA collection kits and almost cost the same, but 23andMe offers health testing, basic Y-DNA & mtDNA reporting due to which it can list out your ancestors from far back in the past. On the other hand, AncestryDNA is much more focused on DNA testing and only tests your autosomal DNA , it is best known for genealogy and matches.


On the basis of volume of data collected by DNA test sites, 23andMe is second only to AncestryDNA.

Ancestry has a larger customer database of about 15million+ DNA sets compared to 23andMe. A larger database refers to a bigger pool of people to match your DNA to. Hence, Ancestry will provide you with more matches compared to 23andMe. Also, if you have access to the Ancestry Family Tree, you can even find relatives through the various DNA profiles already there.

AncestryDNA kit
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Similar Features

AncestryDNA and 23andMe, both allow you to connect with distant cousins and living relatives which however is an optional choice. It is possible to download your raw DNA from both of them. They also have the same collection methods – (saliva samples).

Health Screening

23andMe is the only genealogical testing organisation to provide health reports. Health screening is particularly their unique feature. You receive four sets of reports:- carrier status reports, wellness reports, genetic health risk reports and wellness reports. If you opt for it, new health reports are updated regularly.

Having said that, results of the health-related DNA tests are not guaranteed versions and may differ to your future health. It is important to consult a doctor after these results and not blindly believe these results.


Both the DNA kits have almost similar prices. AncestryDNA’s kit is priced $99 which excludes taxes but includes not only the collection kit but also the two-way shipping cost. If you want to use the Ancestry Family Tree it is necessary to have an ongoing subscription to the site which is $19.99 for a month or $99 for six months. There are frequent sales on the site so you can save yourself some money during that time.

23andMe’s Ancestry Service collection kit costs $99 which excludes the two-way shipping charge, that’s approximately an extra $10. This kit does not include health screening which has an additional cost. $199 + extra shipping is the pricing for health + ancestry service.

Final Verdict

Differentiating between two kits which are so similar is quite difficult.

Ancestry DNA is the best choice if you’re particular interest is in genealogy and you’re curious about your second, third, fourth cousins and relatives. It has a larger database and is easy to understand.

If you’re concerned with health screening and reports, 23andMe is the best option for you. It helps you improve and control your health while providing you with information about your ancestors. It also includes Y-DNA and mtDNA which gives it bonus points.

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