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Video animation has become an integral, almost unavoidable part of advertising. It grabs attention and makes any video look far more professional for a lot less effort than physically producing an advertisement video. 

However, video animation has been something only experts can pull off – until now. Viddyoze is an online 3D animation software through which high-quality, customisable animations can be created in just a few clicks. It makes it easy to forgo installing expensive software in your computer or relying on freelancers and unreliable contractors. 

Since it is a cloud-based platform, you don’t have to worry about saving any of the content on your devices – we all know how much space animation videos can take up! It also means your content and your progress will be automatically synced with their servers, ensuring that you never lose your work. By default, Viddyoze offers 100GB cloud storage with its basic package. 

Viddyoze has several features that you wouldn’t find on most other online animation software. It helps you add a touch of professionalism to your videos that ultimately makes them worthwhile. With movie filters like lens flares, light effects and more, videos can be made to look much more put together and high quality. It also has some jaw-dropping studio grade intros and outros, all approved by professional marketers, to make your videos look seamless and beautiful.

It comes equipped with the exclusive Alpha Technology through which you can adjust the transparency of the elements added to your videos – adding that extra layer of aesthetics to your animations. Considering how social media has become the most important platform for marketing, Viddyoze has options for adding social media animations to help your content stand out online. 

The pricing is pretty economical, set at $3.33 per animation. It comprises a fairly all-inclusive package, including multi-user access. You can also purchase a lifetime Viddyoze package for $89 on Early Shark.

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