5G phones in India will grow by 140 million till 2025
Source: telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com

The shipment of 5G-enabled phones in the Indian market will grow by 140 million by 2025. It’s been revealed according to a report by CyberMedia Research (CMR). It looks possible too, courtesy many upcoming mobile manufacturers’ plans of bringing 5G phones in India.

As per CMR’s 4Ps of Mobile Handsets Industry Report 2019, the phones working on the 5G network will be growing by about 250 percent in India.

“Over the coming months, many smartphone brands would be looking to showing off their prototype, or 5G-ready devices. The initial 5G-enabled devices would be at a high price point, and in the uber-premium segment. Smartphone brands, including OPPO and others, are likely to be the technology leaders in the 5G era”, Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) said in a statement.

It seems clear that 5G phones will arrive sooner than later in India. Current launch events can also be taken into consideration for this. Recently, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S10 line-up, which is 5G enabled also. OnePlus’s next flagship killer will also be a 5G phone for sure. Other manufacturers like Lenovo and Huawei too, are gearing up for this.


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