Facebook recently launched a smart home device that enables users to video chat seamlessly by moving around their rooms and not carrying any hardware. This new device that Facebook calls ‘Portal’, enables you to video chat over Facebook Messanger using its wide angled camera(140 degrees FOV) and a large screen for your entire family to fit in.
The Portal is coupled with a 10-inch screen, and its sibling, the ‘Portal Plus’ with a 15.6 inch. The Plus allows to physically rotate the screen from portrait to landscape and vice-versa.
The AI capabilities of the portals make them distinct. They can easily track your movements and ensure you remain in the frame. Also, all this doesn’t mean that the portals actually move, it’s their software that handles it!
It comes with some fun features, like having AR filters to overlay your face with some amusing effects. Besides it also allows more apps other than video chat, like integrating the Alexa.
To know more about this or place an orderĀ click here.


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