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Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft and is not free, you need to pay for the genuine copy. But many people just try to use the non-activated windows.

Microsoft has been increasingly lenient regarding the piracy of its Windows operating system. Windows 10 is by far the best in these terms, there are just a few cosmetic changes that are restricted in this latest operating system for users who don’t have a genuine version of windows, Such as:

  • Watermark on the lower right corner of the screen saying “Activate Windows”
  • You can’t use anything under Personalization. E.g. change wallpaper, accent colors, lock screen theme. All options are grayed out.

Just these two things limit an un-licensed copy from a licensed one. Other than this, you can get windows updates even if your windows are not licensed. Additionally, you can make purchases from the windows store and use your Microsoft account without even activating windows.


As I have already mentioned, there is no significant difference between a genuine and non-genuine version of windows. But still, if you would like to activate your windows copy then keep reading.

Purchase windows

activate windows 10

You can purchase the original windows from the official site or from Amazon. You will get an alphanumeric key, which when entered will activate the windows version. This is the only genuine method to activate windows on your computer.

Other than purchasing windows there are other ways also. The below-mentioned methods are just for educational purposes and Kickgadget is not in the favor of piracy and using unlicensed software. Therefore, Kickgadget will not be liable for any damage caused whatsoever.

Get product key online

activate windows 10

You can search the product keys of the OS you are using just by typing it in the search bar. Most of the keys will not work. But if you try hard enough then you can activate your windows for free and unlock all the features.

Use a Keygen

activate windows 10

Keygens are of different types but the general working of a keygen is to find the encrypted file in the software system with the product keys stored and then concatenate name and the secret key and hash with it.

Keygen can’t generally work in case of an online activation process as the key is to be checked from the Microsoft server.

Use Windows Activator

activate windows 10

There are many windows activators out there but KMSPico outshines them all. It has a simple interface with just a button to activate windows, it’s that simple. But you may wonder how does this work? Let’s understand the concept of KMS.

activate windows 10

Windows KMS (Key Management Service) is an activation method for Microsoft products. The KMS host running on Windows Server can activate all Windows versions. In order to activate windows, KMS uses a KMS host key. It is designed to activate the windows version for 180 days and extend the period every time the system is connected to the internet.

KMSPico replaces the installed key of the software with a volume key and then makes a copy version of the KMS server on the computer. All this process makes software and Windows to activate through the KMS server rather than the MAK server.

Is it safe?

From untrusted sources, you can get the tool with infected malware. The original version comes with no malware, spyware, or any other malicious code. So, if you download it from the official site then its safe to use. Even the official site claims that:

There is no virus, malware or hidden malware codes in this tool. So, your computer does not face any threat. You also do not worry about malicious content on your system.

Your antivirus may flag the tool as malware so to use the software you will have to disable your antivirus for a minute. After using the software you can run a full system scan to make sure you are rolling safely.

Final Words

So, now you can enjoy genuine windows without paying a penny. But you should use the non-licensed version rather than activating it as most of the software present online are malware and finding software with no harmful code is very hard and not worth it as it does not unlock anything special.

Personal thoughts

Also, I think that Microsoft is deliberately not taking strict action against piracy and an un-licensed version of its Windows OS. Microsoft is one of the most influential IT companies in the world. If it wants then it can totally lockout piracy from its operating system. But Microsoft is letting all this happen for a reason. As you would notice that most of us nowadays are using windows rather than Linux which is free and provides more features. Because many of us think Linux is hard to use than windows. Now, if Microsoft starts locking out all the un-licensed versions then Linux will become popular over time and then windows will eventually go down. Linux is better than windows in everything. Linux is one of the most secure operating systems and is used in all the secure servers all over the world.


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