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The PDP Afterglow Headset AG9+ lies in the budget-friendly range of premium gaming headsets. It is licensed for use with Xbox One and PS4.


The AG9+ connects wirelessly to your console through a USB transmitter.
It features 50mm Neodymium drivers and offers two audio modes: Pure Audio and Bass Boost.

The headset comes with a removable boom microphone with noise and echo cancelling technology. They say that that is supposed to provide superior clarity.

It has a cloth memory foam covered headband and plush ear cups.

The AG9+ also has customisable Prismatic LED lighting on the ear cups. You can switch to blackout mode to reveal the headset’s circuitry.

Is It Really Worth It?

The Afterglow headset promises a fair bit. But it makes the mistake of trying to excel in too many areas and ending up being mediocre in all of them.

The good part is the hassle-free and seamless wireless connectivity. The Plug-and-Play installation happens smoothly. You can also use it while charging or using an AUX cable.

The sound quality is good, but there is nothing superior about it to make it a competitive player in the market. PDP boasts about the two ‘distinct’ audio modes, but there is hardly anything distinct about them. Even though the Bass Boost mode makes the explosions and gunfire slightly more enhanced, the difference is hardly perceptible. Plus, the Afterglow headset is not a PC dedicated headset, so it does not have any additional software drivers, or their associated features, like an equaliser or other customisation options.

The memory foam headband and ear cups sit weirdly on the head, and while you could get used to it, the headset certainly does not fulfil its promise of superior comfort.

The LED lighting on the ear cups is not new. Most headsets right now feature RBG LED lighting. The ones in the Afterglow headset can hardly even be called lighting. It is more of a glow than proper lighting.


Overall, the Afterglow AG9+ Wireless Headset might be a pocket-friendly option for you if you want a decent gaming headset that does not break the bank. However, it offers nothing different that can bring it above or up to the level of other similarly priced wireless headsets, like the Logitech G231 Prodigy.

Buy the Afterglow headset for Xbox One now for a discounted price of $79.99 here.

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  1. “But it makes the mistake of trying to excel in too many areas and ending up being mediocre in all of them.” This line is so asthetically written, wow. You are an amazing writer. keep up the work


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