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AI in Space Exploration

AI in space
AI in space

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The intelligence of the machines includes perceiving its environment and taking actions, thus maximizing the chance for successfully achieved goals. As the machines are becoming increasingly capable, the capabilities which are generally classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech, operating cars automatically, GPS, etc. Many industries now implement AI in their operations, planning, solving problems, research, etc. Space exploration is one such industry that has become advanced, due to the application of AI in major sectors.

Space Exploration

Astronomy and technology are used to explore outer space and discover new things. Astronomers carry out the exploration mainly using telescopes. Physically, unmanned space probes and human space flights conduct such exploration. Space exploration is conducted for various reasons including scientific research, developing military and strategic advancements, uniting nations, etc.

Space satellite.
Space satellite.

AI in space exploration

For a long time, humans have always looked up to the sky, many dreaming of what lies beyond the atmosphere. AI has brought us closer to the stars and space, which is very much needed and beneficial for us in our daily lives. Space data is very valuable for improving many areas. Artificial Intelligence helps in the operation of satellite communications and extract maximum value from the images, thus broadening our knowledge in the space trivia.

Application of AI in space exploration.
Application of AI in space exploration.

Applications of AI in space industry

Artificial Intelligence promises a lot in various fields. The emerging technologies of AI are impacting various sectors in the space industry.  

Earth observation

In hazardous and unsafe environments, robots are deployed to monitor such areas. Satellites can be sent to observe the area from above and collect data. This collected data is fed back to the robots with artificial intelligence, gets processed and then the course of action is decided based on the information. With precise and consistent data collection, we can greatly improvise in the tracking, positioning, tracing and logistical areas.

The satellites can also collect data on human activity, helping us plan out how to use our environment better. It can be used to detect routes, mapping and minimize traffic and congestion.

Earth observation satellites.
Earth observation satellites.

Data processing

The data and images collected by the satellites are sent back to earth. However, a large amount of data received can be difficult to process. A large portion of it is redundant. Therefore, AI is used in such situation, helping in the quick and efficient analysis of the data collected.   


Satellites in space can be used to transfer information, providing reliable communication between any two points on Earth. It connects all the devices on Earth and can create connections between any number of sources.

Rovers on Mars make their own decisions without any commands coming in from the space stations. Such decisions are made using AI, for example, to avoid obstacles and to determine the best route for travel. With AI, astronauts will require less time in training to use their vehicles in flying.  

Mars Exploration Rover.
Mars Exploration Rover.

The satellites in lower earth orbits can be used to provide data to AI machines, on congestion or accidents. AI can then be used to find alternative courses or rerouting when necessary.  

Responding to unexpected events

Astronauts are trained physically and psychologically to deal with space situations, living in a confined space which is sometimes stressful and could hamper in their decision-making. AI is a huge help for the astronauts, making their journey easier. Astronauts on long space missions can experience unwanted events, such as medical emergencies or broken equipment. AI software will respond in such situations and provide the astronauts with better solutions during their long journeys.   

Artificial Intelligence in space
Artificial Intelligence in space


AI provides a lot of opportunities for innovators to take advantage of. This could be in exploring of new applications or the infinite potential in terms of space exploration. Every step to newer uses of AI opens new doors to gather information and work it to human advantage. AI in space exploration will be the biggest evolutionary step in our quest to gain a better understanding of the universe.

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