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Hola, Alexa!

Amazon finally launched a new voice model this week that allows developers to build skills for Spanish-speaking users.

The feature was initially available to participants of the Alexa Preview program. This new feature will roll out to all U.S. Echo customers later this year.

You don’t need to spend more money into Amazon anymore to ask preguntas (question), listen to música (music), or control your casa inteligente (smart home).

Bose, Sony, and Facebook are preparing to release Alexa built-in devices that will support Spanish. The upcoming Philips, TP-Link, and Honeywell Home “Works with Alexa” gadgets too plan the same.

Developers are already writing skills en Español (in Spanish) for Alexa accessories in Spain and Mexico.

Spoken by more than 48 million people, Spanish is the second most dominant language in the US, after English. Amazon realized it was missing out on many customers and maybe that was why it came up with this new model.

The company is inviting people to create new Spanish-supported apps for Alexa, or simply update existing programs published in Mexico or Spain.

While Amazon’s move to add Spanish, one of the Romance languages, in the US is welcome, it very well highlights the company’s slow-and-steady strategy for voice assistant support.

Well, Alexa only understands seven languages—English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish—and struggles to offer them in all areas.

Alexa comes with a better pitch

She’s no Diane Sawyer. But her new speaking style is more in resemblance to someone you’d see on TV or hear on the radio. And the best part is, she no longer lulls listeners to sleep between tales of international grief.

This is because of the new neural text-to-speech (NTTS) technology. It allows Alexa to have better pitch and the ability to emphasize the right words in a sentence. Based on your request, she can now adapt to her speaking style.

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