Amazon Echo Link

Amazon launched the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp in India. Pre-order is now open for both of these devices.

Here comes Alexa. Now, to the ordinary speakers. With these devices, you can integrate streaming audio services and Alexa capabilities into the high-end audio devices.

Amazon launched these devices in the USA in the last September. With Echo Link, you can stream music on your existing speakers from various streaming services. The device needs a source to transmit the signal to the passive speakers.

Echo link also allows you to use an Echo device to give voice commands. You can connect this through various inputs and outputs. The device comes with a 3.5 mm jack and a built-in headphone amplifier to enjoy the streamed music better.

Echo link Amp offers a similar service, but with a 60W Class D amplifier to let you directly connect to the passive speakers and to enjoy Alexa services with a dope sound.

Both devices support Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. The devices have got a classic Amazon look with only a 3.5 mm jack and a volume knob.

Echo link is making its entrance on April 16th at Rs 19,999 and Amp will be available from 3rd of May at Rs 29,999. These devices are surely going to be a delight for music lovers.

With the recent news of Amazon hiring people to listen to the conversations recorded by the Alexa, maybe this is their way of bouncing back in the Indian market.

Alexa has got more than a thousand ears!


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