New deal between Amazon-Kohl's now expands to all of kohl's stores.
Source: barrons

It’s been two years since Kohl’s started accepting Amazon returns in its stores. This partnership had a significant roar on the stocks of Kohl’s that they planned to expand this across the country. At present they work together only in Los Angeles, Chicago and Milwaukee.

This departmental store will accept Amazon’s merchandise from customers even without any shipping packages. If a customer wish to return a product purchased from, they can drop the products at the customer’s desk in any of the Kohl’ stores situated across 48 states. The employees at Kohl’s take the responsibility of packing the items and returning it to Amazon. The customers need not pay anything for the return shipping.

The Amazon is already well-known for its customers services and returns policy. This customer service will become outstanding with this nationwide partnership with Kohl’s. There are 1150 departmental stores owned by Kohl’s. There are also rumors that the stores may start selling Amazon’s products. This will gradually lure more customers to the store. This partnership is undoubtedly profitable to the partners and favorable to the customers.


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