Amazon Robotics Scout

E-commerce companies always look for ways to make shopping more efficient. An example of this has now been put forward by Amazon. Amazon robotics has taken things to the next level with the introduction of a new robot, called Scout.

Scout is a delivery robot put forward by Amazon, which is already out for experimenting. Six of these Scouts are delivering packages in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington, north of Amazon’s Seattle home base. Even though the robots can navigate automatically, they will be accompanied by an Amazon employee for the time being.

The Amazon Scout is about the size of a cooler that navigates on sidewalks at a walking pace. These are designed to efficiently deal with obstacles like people and pets. The robots will be making deliveries Monday to Friday during daylight hours.

While it might be a revolutionary step taken by Amazon, the efficiency of these Scouts remains doubtful. Unlike a human, these robots might face difficulties when it comes to opening doors or ascending stairs. Similarly, it might also face troubles when it comes to delivering the package when no one’s home.

Even though machines never tire, it may not be able to pack the same effort as a human being when it comes to delivery. But technological advancement knows no bounds. With Amazon Robotics taken to another level, who knows enthusiastic inventors might make all the above possible? Let’s wait and watch!



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