Antutu AI Review

Antutu has come up with a scale to judge AI performance of different smartphones. Antutu AI Review is a benchmarking app which is popular among the critics and the people in general. It has termed the tool as ‘AI Review’. It works by giving smartphones a specific score.

Antutu AI Review

The score is based upon two categories, Image Classification and Object Classification. The Image Classification test is based upon the neural network. Whereas the Object Classification test uses Mobile Net SSD neural network. 

Antutu mentions that due to the lack of unified AI scale, it is challenging to measure AI performance of a smartphone. With that said, Antutu Ai Review has come up with a criteria. One of the grading criteria on which the score depends is balance of speed and accuracy. For example, if the speed is good but the accuracy is poor, the test will add penalties for it. Thereby making it difficult if not impossible for the OEMs to cheat. 

While there hasn’t been an official announcement of the release of the original version, you can download the early benchmark version to know the score of your smartphone.


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