Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuit to start from Monday
Source: theverge

Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuit will begin on Monday and it’s expected to be an intense affair. The case between both the tech companies is over the use of technology. How much worth is Qualcomm’s tech, is what Apple’s question is. The Snapdragon maker’s issue, however, is that the iPhone maker is using the legal system to get a deal over its technology.

When it comes to Apple’s case it’s all about patents. Those which cover the design and functionality of a phone’s modem. The problem here is that many of the patents are being owned by Qualcomm. And according to it, the patents are valuable products, after the research of billions of dollars.

Apple was the first one to file complaints in its initial court filing against Qualcomm. After that, the battle between the two has taken a furious turn on a global level too. The California tech giant seemed to be strong in the beginning. Qualcomm had to pay huge amounts in various countries due to this.

For full information on this ongoing big fight, go to The Verge.


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