Source: patentlyapple

After the likes of Samsung and Huawei stunned everyone at this year’ MWC, by bringing foldable phones, it looks like Apple’s not far behind too! Yes. It’s been reported that the California tech giant had, in fact, filed a patent for it. The US Patent Office recently published a patent filing by the company. The patent dates back to December 2017!

And according to inside details, the patent application focuses on the internal heating system for a folding device’s hinge. The details were provided by Patently Apple.

It also means that Apple is trying to prevent its, probable, foldable device’s display from cracking. Maybe the work is in progress at this moment.

More can be understood by the image below, provided by Patently Apple. It clearly shows three figures, relating to the device.

Apple filed a patent for a foldable device; could be the next iPhone!
Source: patentlyapple

Well, the patent application by Apple also mentions a latching mechanism too, which prevents opening and closing of the device when the temperature of the portion of the display—that overlaps the band axis—is below a predetermined temperature. But it will have to be aptly executed.

Only time will tell how different is Apple’s own foldable device from its rivals. In other words, it can be called the next iPhone! Speculations are strong that this folding device is indeed the new iPhone version itself.


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