Apple Music slashes subscription rates in India

Apple Music has reportedly slashed the subscription rates for Indian users. After defeating Spotify in the US to claim the #1 spot, it wants to do the same in India too. The music streaming app’s new rate for an individual for a month is now just Rs.99. While the cost for family and student is Rs.149 and Rs.49 per month, respectively.

Before this price drop, the previous monthly rates for Apple Music were Rs.190 for an individual, Rs.190 for family, and Rs.60 for students.

The price cut is also a result of a similar decision made by other Indian music streaming apps. JioSaavn and Gaana, both dropped their annual subscription fees a few days back. This was bound to happen since the competition is increasing for the top position in music streaming, in the country.

Just after the news came about Apple Music, Manish Singh, a freelance reporter shared the details on his Twitter page. You can check the newly introduced prices properly, below.


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