iOS 14
iOS 14

Apple started its WWDC 2020 by addressing social issues like racism, inequality, and injustice and what Apple is doing to combat these issues. Like Apple’s Racial equity and justice initiative that will commit 100 million dollars to the cause. This was also the first time Apple’s Developer Conference was streamed exclusively online. One of the major announcements was that Apple will be using its own ARM-based processors instead of intel. Ending a 15-year long partnership with intel.

However, in this article, we will be focussing on iOS 14.

Apple introduced iOS 14

Apple gave us a look at the upcoming iOS 14 which will be available later this year, although iOS 14 beta is available right now. Along with the small tweaks and performance improvements, the most noticeable things were the App Library, Widgets and Picture-in-picture mode, and compact calls.

iOS 14 App Library
iOS 14 App Library

The app library is basically an app drawer which is organizes apps by categories like shopping, recently added, etc. It helps you see everything in one place instead of constantly swiping. It also allows you to hide some of these pages

iOS 14 Widgets
iOS 14 Widgets

Now you will be able to place widgets on your home screen. The idea behind this is that you’ll be able to access more data-rich information directly from your home screen. There is also a smart stack widget that changes the widget according to the time of the day, like a calendar or weather app in the morning.

Picture-in-picture mode
iOS 14 Picture-in-picture mode

Picture in picture video support is also added to the iOS 14. This feature has been heavily missed by iOS users. If you swipe away while watching a video, the video will go into window mode and float on your home screen. You can resize and move around the video. This helps with multitasking.

iOS 14 now allows call from your iPhone, FaceTime, and third-party apps to display in new compact design the doesn’t take all your screen. 

Updated Memoji, Apple maps, and Overhauled Siri

Updated Siri

Siri has received a UI overhaul. It no longer covers the whole screen, just the smaller portion along the bottom of the screen just like the google assistant. Siri now has way more answers in her knowledge graph which will allow it to answer more questions instantaneously instead of searching for it. Siri now has more than 20 time more facts that 3 years ago.

Updated Mimoji
Updated Mimoji

Memoji’s are also getting some improvements in iOS 14. Memoji’s will now include more age options and there will be accessories for Memoji’s like masks and emotions.

New Cycling Directions
New Cycling Directions

Apple Maps are now updated to include new cycling-specific navigation. It can now give information about elevation and if you will need to carry your bike up the stairs. Although this feature will first be available only in selected cities like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. New cities will be added eventually.

Apple Maps also get a new view that focusses on Electric vehicles. It lets its users know the location of chargers along their routes.

App Clips and Digital Car Key

App Clips
iOS 14 App Clips

App Clips will now be available with iOS 14. It is similar to Android’s Instant Apps. With App Clips, you won’t have to download a full app to gain access to it. The payment will be directed through Apple Pay.

Apple will now use NFC technology to covert your phone into a digital car key. You will be able to register a key in your apple wallet and open a supported car just by walking up to it and start the engine with your phone resting on a pad.

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