Arizer Solo 2
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Are you a frequent traveler? Do you often catch a cold while traveling? Well, you don’t have to panic now. Arizer Solo 2 is here to soothe your pain.

To improve one’s well being, Arizer Solo 2 was launched with much more powerful and impressive battery life. This portable dry herb vaporizer comes up with the following features.

Features of Arizer Solo 2:

Classic Arizer Design:

Arizer has tried to maintain its design with many classic details and user-friendly design.

Customizable settings:

The temperature settings can be customized according to one’s wish. It can vape at any temperature between 122F to 428F.

Quick heat up time:

This product heats up 3 times faster than its predecessor. In less than 30 seconds, it is ideal for vape-on-the-go which is convenient for both home and travel purposes.

Much reliable:

The design and display are kept very simple so that there won’t be any trouble understanding the pragmatics of the entire system.

Improved airflow system:

With All-glass vaping experience, it preserves the flavor and delivers thick and rich vapor clouds.

Vibrant LED display:

LED display gives a pretty decent look to Arizer Solo 2.

Better battery life:

Improved battery life with a quick wall charging in just 90 minutes.

The Arizer Solo 2 box is packed up with following accessories:

Arizer Solo 2 and its accessories
Arizer Solo II along with it’s accessories

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
Power Adapter
90 mm Glass Aroma Tube
110 mm Glass Aroma Tube
Glass Aroma Dish
Belt-Clip Carry Case
Silicone Stem Caps
Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
Stainless Steel Screens
Sample of Aromatic Botanicals
Owner’s Manual

Here’s the best way to use it-

1. Preparation:

Sterilization- Bring the device to its highest temperature to sterilize it before using.
Heat- Heat it to the required inhalation temperature to get a whiff of aromatics.
Grind aromatic botanicals- Now grind all the aromatic botanicals in a grinder to get their essence.

2. Operation:

Load the components- All the ground aromatics must be loaded into the vapor tube and heat it to a precise temperature.
Temperature Control- This temperature can be controlled anywhere between 50C and 220C.
Inhale vapors- Once the Arizer Solo 2 turns into an automatic shut-off feature, you can inhale these vapors deeply to get some relief.

After use, make sure to clean the herbal chamber with isopropyl alcohol to keep it free from residue.

To know more visit the site: Arizer

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