Zenfone 6
Source: ASUS

Last year, Asus entered the low-cost premium flagship market with it’s Zenfone 5. The smartphone was a direct competitor to the 2018 One Plus flagship.

Later next week, Asus will be announcing the successor to the Zenfone 5 called the Zenfone 6.

Before we move on to the price, let’s talk about specifications in general. As seen on it’s predecessor, we can expect the use of latest snap-dragon flagship soc.

This time, it’s going to be SnapDragon 855 and 6GB of Ram with 128GB of storage. Another thing to look out for is the notch-less display which the phone might sport.

To know more regarding the launch event and the device specifications, please refer to the following article by our staff member: Asus Zenfone 6 Launch

The benchmark details confirm most of the above speculations but,we’ll have to wait until the event to know how the device will actually look.

But, what we do know is the confirmed pricing. The 6GB/128GB; Ram\Storage variant will sell for TWD19,990 roughly converting to ₹44977.69/.The 8GB/256GB; Ram\Storage variant will sell for TWD23,990 roughly converting to ₹53971.53/-.

Moving on, the top variant with  12GB/512GB; Ram\Storage variant will sell for TWD29,990 roughly converting to ₹67470.04/-.

The pricing for the exact Indian variants are yet unsure but the pricing might be in the similar range.The company might be moving in to the near-premium price market sector this year. This didn’t come as a big-surprise after One-Plus is also expected to do the same.

Are you excited about the new Asus Zenfone 6? Let’s know in the comments below.


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