We receive a bunch of calls every day, constant calls from marketing agents offering different schemes and offers. Unknown callers in between an important meeting. Wouldn’t it be better if you could know about the person ringing your phone beforehand? Using our top picked apps, you can always filter out all the incoming calls, no matter if the number is in your contacts or not.

Choosing the right caller ID app makes sure you are backed up by a huge database of numbers so that no caller remains unidentified. So, let’s start with the list.


You might have heard of this app if you ever needed to install any caller id app. Truecaller is great if you need a caller id and spam filter in one app. This app lets you know who is calling from almost all unknown numbers. You can also mark any number as spam to help Truecaller block it for other people. Also, you can configure it to automatically reject calls from callers marked as spam.

The app is totally free and easy to use. You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store. You can also access it from the given link. All you will need is an active internet connection for the app to work. It also offers call recording and voice calls within the app.

Also, if you are thinking about how Truecaller has managed to get such a large user base. It uploads all your contacts data from your phone to their secure servers. So, the identified phone numbers are fetched from someone’s contacts.

Mr. Number

This app can help you to block unwanted calls and SMS. Moreover, it also helps to stop spam calls and prevent you from falling in any scam. Also, it identifies the unknown incoming calls with the details of the caller.

This app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple store for free. Browse the link to download it now. This app uses the cloud server to identify the number. Therefore, the app can be used without the hassles of low storage space.


Showcaller is simple and easy to use caller ID app. The interface is quite easy even for amateurs. This app will help to block unwanted calls and SMS. It can also identify most of the anonymous callers and show details about the incoming call. Moreover, users can also see the name and photo of the caller in the app.

Apart from all this, this app is useful for blocking spam and telemarketers. Moreover, it’s database has billions of phone numbers from across the globe. The app is available for free on the Play Store and Apple Store. Visit the link to download the app now.

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned apps are best in the market right now. You can install any one of them as per your liking. Although truecaller is a bit more popular and has a greater user base.

Installing such apps may invoke the chances of data-theft as the app is being permitted to access the contacts and SMS. Therefore, install these apps if you are okay with sharing your contacts and SMS information with the company. Moreover, till now there is no major case of data leak with the above.

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