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This is an era of digital photography. Gone are those days when people waited long to get their photos washed and edited in the studio. Nowadays, people can edit and upload pictures within a fraction of seconds to upload them online. Famous photo-editing apps such as Instagram, Retrica, Snapchat, Beauty Plus, etc. foster their users with a variety of filters.

Although multiple apps in the market these days keep enhancing their features and filters, they have never matched up to the services provided by Adobe Photoshop. However, there are some online tools that can be used to substitute Photoshop features and will let you save changes in .psd files.

Photopea (

This software is identical to Photoshop which lets you open and exports the PSD files with ease. This software runs online and does not necessarily require any plugins. All the tools and shortcuts provided by Photopea are very much similar to those of photoshop which makes it easier for the designer. This tool is available for free and is extremely impressive in terms of a web app.

Photopea software interface online

Pixlr Editor (

Pixlr Editor is the next most accessible photo editor after photoshop. It is available online in 28 different languages with flexible image formats. Just like Photoshop, this software also has a blend of different tools and brushes. This way, it provides a better interface to utilize its features to the maximum extent.

Pixlr Editor Software 

Polarr (

This tool is available in both free and premium versions. The free version is provided as the web app and the premium software can be downloaded on to the desktop. The advantage of using Polarr over other software is that it can provide a step-by-step guide to every effect that is available in the software. You can easily place a watermark over the pictures without any tedious process. Although its workflow seems to be a bit unusual, it can still produce impressive pictures by continuous hands-on experience.

Polarr Online tool

Sumo Paint(

This tool is extremely useful for those who develop their artworks from scratch. It has got a wide range of tools starting from brushes, picture sizes, effects, etc. This software is Flash-based and so, you’ll have to download the required plugins and set up permissions. A premium version of it will remove ads and which will improve your experience using this tool.

Sumo Paint Interface

Photo Raster(

This tool is very similar to all other apps above. The only requirement to get access to this software is through getting registered to the site. Photo Raster is more stable if browsed using Safari and Firefox. It also offers quite a good number of tools and brushes required while photo-editing.

Photo Raster Interface

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