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Rainmeter is a free desktop customization program that lets you completely transform the way your desktop looks like. Rainmeter skins are used to customize your desktop. If you’re bored with the same desktop look and want something new, then you should try Rainmeter.

These skins are used to display time, date, processor usage, RSS feed, quick access icons, etc. All these tools can be customized the way you want, but it requires a little programming.

There are few websites that offer free skins to use in the Rainmeter application. Finding the best skins can be pretty time-consuming, but it will give your desktop a new look.

www.rainmeter.net visit this link to download the Rainmeter application.


List of websites to download free Rainmeter skins :

  1. DeviantArt 

DeviantArt hosts one of the largest online repositories of Rainmeter resources. Here you can find plenty of highly customized Rainmeter skins that are beautiful and gives your desktop a new look.

Source: DeviantArt


2. Reddit  (/r/Rainmeter)

The Rainmeter community on Reddit is a great place to get ideas and tips for Rainmeter, see and share things people are creating, and get involved with others using Rainmeter.

Visit this website and you can find various skins and information on how to use these skins and install it on your desktop.

Source: Reddit


3. forum.rainmeter.net

You can find new skins at Rainmeter’s own forum page. Many of the freshest and innovative skins are being developed right here in the forums on rainmeter.net.

Source: Rainmeter


Top Rainmeter skins :

1.  Howling AT-AT by Jumats

This skin can be downloaded from Reddit, it’s minimal and beautiful.

Source: Howling AT-AT


2. Momento by HipHopium

This skin by HipHopium displays time in a beautiful way and can be used on your desktop.

Source: Momento


3. Ageo by HipHopium

Yet another skin by HipHopium, it shows date and time with temperature details embedded in this skin. Also, it has a dock that is used for quick access to applications. This skin display quotes that changes after a certain interval of time. Download this skin at DeviantArt.

Source: Ageo


These are few skins that are beautiful as well as easy to use. Apply these skins on your desktop and enjoy the new desktop look. You can also mix these skins and use them as you like. Rainmeter is a great application for your desktop, download it and apply these skins.


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