Best Torrenting sites 2018

Are you tired of paying for everything? Can’t find all your favorite shows in a single place? Welcome to the club mate. You’ve just unlocked the disappointment of the Paid Media. What now? Well, here are the best torrenting sites 2018 to help you in this quest.

As the days go by, all the paid media just keeps getting costlier. So our last option to unlock the content of our dreams is torrents. Torrent is torrents (duh) uploaded by some strangers on the Internet. Now, everyone who downloads these torrents can choose an option to seed them.

Seeding increases the speed for the next downloader (SEED!). Now Torrents are not legal in all the countries, but if you can pay for something or actually found the file you’re looking for, we suggest you appreciate the artist and pay for the record.

These Torrenting Sites keeps getting blocked by certain isps for their illegal nature of freely uploading pay to use files.

Do remember, there’s always a chance that the provider can trace your address and get the Internet blocked (happened quite a few times). If you’re wondering what the best sites to get your torrent files are, you’re in the right place.

Top Five Best Torrenting Sites 2018

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate bay is obviously one of the best Torrenting sites. It has a lot of proxy servers, which means that the chance of getting blocked by the regulations is less. The files on Pirate bay are also fast and genuine(most of them anyway). There are a lot of seeders for all the popular records, and the speed of download usually exceeds 15 Mbps (depends on your connection).
So, is this safe? There’s no proper answer to this question. Some of the torrents are safe, and some are not. You’re the deciding factor here. Whether you want to buy the genuine or torrent it.

2. YTS. AM

YTS is the unofficial successor of the Yiffy torrents, one of the most popular ones back then. This Torrenting site rather has a vast film base, and you can find any old film in here.
This Torrenting site uses third party releases and has movies banned by many torrents. YTS has been gaining a lot of attention lately, especially with the increasing popularity of the film.

3. 1337X

This is probably the most stable torrent that has been there for a few years now. The huge uploaders base never disappoint you in any stage with fresh from the market content.
The best thing about this torrent is that, with all the IP blockades intact, you’ll still be able to access the content from one or the other provider.


It is one of the best torrenting sites for movie freaks. This torrenting site is on par with the YTS.AM in the database of the movies. The users also reported that the torrents on this site are rather fast and are usually virus free.

5. Torlock

Looking for a torrent that doesn’t deceit you? Well, this is last in the list but definitely not the least one. The important thing that you have to remember about this site is that there are no fake torrents at all. The site pays $1 for every fake torrent that the user finds.

Now, while using torrenting sites, do remember, the threat always exists. Even though these are the best torrenting sites 2018, some of them might have harmful trojans. We suggest you choose the genuine versions to support the hardworking artists.


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