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Direct downloads have their own advantages but most of the time they are hidden behind a wall of shortened URLs, ads, and website redirections. And most of the time the download speed is limited which can be pretty annoying. This is why many people prefer torrents but they have a few problems of their own there a ton of torrent websites, they might specialize in different categories and it can get confusing. This a where BitSnoop comes in.

What is BitSnoop?

BitSnoop is a torrent search engine, its like google but for torrents only. It scans different torrents websites to find your specified torrent file and displays the most relevant results. BitSnoop solves the problem of searching for the torrent file individually on different torrent sites. It displays results based on the Seed/Peer ratio.


  • Simple and easy to use interface – BitSnoop provides a clean user interface, it has a search bar on the home page which you can use to search for your desired torrent
  • Powerful Search Engine – BitSnoop is a very powerful torrent search engine, it scans through different torrent websites for you. It also provides a direct magnet link in its results. It doesn’t redirect you to a different torrent site.
  • Free to use – BitSnoop is completely free, there are no ads and popups.
  • No Registration – There is no registration or subscription process. You can simply use the website.

Alternatives to BitSnoop

Despite being a popular website it may not be accessible to you or it might not have the features you’re looking for. Some BitSnoop alternatives that you might be interested in are:

  • Torrentz – It is also one of the popular torrent search engines. It has many similarities to BitSnoop and it does not contain any popups and ads but it redirects you to the parent torrent site.
  • Toorgle – Toorgle is one of the simple yet popular torrent search engines. It also features just the search bar on its homepage. You can also sort the search result using relevance and date. It searches over 450 torrent sites to find what you are looking for.
  • TorrentSeeker– It is another good alternative to BitSnoop. It uses a custom Google-based search to look for your desired torrent from over 100 torrent sites. You can also sort through the result.
  • Xtorx– It helps you search for your desired torrent instantly but there is no way to sort the results. Its homepage is simplistic with just the search bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is BitSnoop safe to use ?

Ans. Yes, BitSnoop is safe. BitSnoop itself does not expose you to any kind of virus or malware. There are no suspicious ads or popups.

Q2) BitSnoop is blocked by my internet provider what should I do?

Ans. You can use a VPN or a mirror/proxy site in order to access it if it blocked by your ISP.

Q3) BitSnoop’a website is not working, is it down?

Ans. The website could be experiencing server issues, you should try visiting the site after some time. It is also possible the website has shifted to a new domain name. You can search for the new website using google or bing.

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