Blackberry Key 2 Red

The BlackBerry Key 2 was launched in 2018 and is still one of the very few phones that have a physical keyboard. Earlier it was available in only 2 colours, namely black and silver. But now, TCL has launched the BlackBerry Key 2 Red Edition which is available for sale on Amazon and Best Buy for $699.

The BlackBerry Key 2 came with a Snapdragon 660 onboard with 6 GB of RAM. The internal storage was however only 64 GB. It packed 12MP+12MP dual telephoto rear cameras and an 8MP front shooter. This device, initially available in only 2 colors, was priced at $649. The new red version now, however, comes with a price bump of $50. Apart from the new color, you get double the storage now, i.e. 128 GB.

Everything apart from the colour and storage remains the same. The BlackBerry Key 2 Red Edition is a unique phone. You still get the same battery capacity of 3500 mAh. When all the competitors in the industry were fighting for screen-to-body ratio, Blackberry stuck to its roots. Blackberry’s devices have always been known for their incredible keyboards back in the day when touch phones were not a major phenomena. But this same approach is certainly not working today. If BlackBerry needs to have an impact on the industry, it needs to take some risks in innovation else the fate of the company is pretty much sealed.




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