Parker in front of the Sun
Source: NASA

The Parker Solar Probe that is currently on a mission to “touch” the Sun and is en route to it. The spacecraft aims at getting a good understanding of the sphere of hot plasma that powers our solar system. 

Back on Earth, scientists are looking into some really old data and have come up with something really interesting; they found blobs!

These blobs are not just regular blobs. They are big blobs. They officially call them “periodic density structures”.

These blobs emit from the Sun in burps. Their size can be anything from 50 to 500 times Earth’s. Findings show that these blobs emerge from the Sun roughly every 90 minutes.

Speaking to Space, Nicholeen Viall, a research astrophysicist at NASA/Goddard Space Centre, said: “They look like the blobs in a lava lamp,”.

Scientists were aware of these lava lamp blobs for almost decades. It seems that is only now that we are coming to know the source.

The good part is that Earth’s magnetic field most protects us from the impact of these blobs. However, they do have the potential to interfere with our satellites and communication systems.

Obviously, there’s much left to know about these blobs, one reason being that NASA had sent The Probe to learn more about the solar winds.

“This is one of those studies that brought up more questions than we answered, but that’s perfect for the Parker Solar Probe,” said Viall.

NASA is hoping that the probe gets close and captures more information about the blobs.

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