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It’s just irritating when you’re late for the office and can’t find your phone right? Well here’s a solution for that to Call your lost phone.

Call your lost phone is an option many websites provide to call your phone to make it ring. It comes quite handy when you feel like you misplaced your phone.

This option is available in a lot of countries and the websites also share strict privacy rules so this seems like the best option to find your phone.

Although in the smartwatches, there is an option to ring your phone to find out where it is, it only works when the devices are connected through Bluetooth.

But in this way, all you need is a working Internet connection.

Remember these websites aren’t for prank calls and they follow very strict rules in case of any breach.

Now, here are a few websites to help you find your lost phone.

Call my lost phone


The website gives a call to your phone. The site also provides free wakeup calls and free birthday calls which you can unsubscribe from any time you want.


This is another such website which gives free calls to your mobile. You can also call your friends for free through this site.

  • Enter the number in international code.
  • Allow access to the microphone and make sure it is connected.
  • After a certain amount of time, you can see the number of free minutes left for you and the cal will be connected.



It is pretty similar to the above sites. But you need to disable the adblocker to run this website and ensure that the javascript is enabled.

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