Call Screen Beta version now available for select Pixel devices in Canada

The moment the ‘Call Screen’ feature was unveiled during the Pixel 3’s launch last year, it’s become really popular. The feature is very helpful for users when they aren’t willing to answer any unknown call. It answers the call on your behalf and communicates with the caller, for you. For getting rid of the spam calls, the Call Screen saves you a lot of time.

This stunning feature was only available to the users of the United States only, up until now. But recently, Google has started rolling out the beta version of Call Screen to Canadian Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 devices too.

Sadly, the beta version in Canada is only limited to calls in the English language. And many Canadian people speak in French, so it won’t be that much helpful. Maybe in the coming future, Google will fix this issue also.

A specific reason also hasn’t been provided by Google about why the beta version is being rolled out in Canada. Since the users in the US are using the regular version itself. Also, the beta version isn’t having different language support too, which would’ve meant an obvious beta version feature. But that’s also not the case here, as it’s only available in English.

Hopefully, in the coming months, Google will fix all these issues and make the Call Screen available in other countries as well, with more options for multiple languages.


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