Amazon and Flipkart

Amazon and Flipkart loses $50 million due to the new e-Commerce law in India

Amazon and Flipkart suffer due to new Indian law. They have lost $50 million, all thanks to the government’s new e-Commerce law. Walmart, who owns 77% of Flipkart’s stakes suffered a...

The Best of Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

This is the third part of the Best Cases series. Previously we have also shown the best cases for Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9. Please do check it out. In this part,...

Youtube on FireTV now, PrimeVideo gets Chromecast capability

Google and Amazon have finally kept their differences aside and have come to terms. What this means for us is that now Youtube will be available on FireTV. Likewise, PrimeVideo will...
Stream Radio

Stream Radio Channels with Alexa in India!

Amazon Echo had definitely made life easier by providing the convenience of working on voice command. The device now offers to stream radio stations, over 350 in number. The device also...
Amazon Robotics Scout

The New “Scout” takes Amazon Robotics to Another Level

E-commerce companies always look for ways to make shopping more efficient. An example of this has now been put forward by Amazon. Amazon robotics has taken things to the next level...

Alexa has got more than a thousand ears!

All those FBI memes over the years might get much more serious from now! Amazon hired thousands of people to listen to the voice samples by Alexa. The employees hired so,...
New deal between Amazon-Kohl's now expands to all of kohl's stores.

Amazon Returns at Kohl’s now nationwide, free of cost.

It's been two years since Kohl's started accepting Amazon returns in its stores. This partnership had a significant roar on the stocks of Kohl's that they planned to expand this across...
Spanish Alexa

Amazon Alexa to speak Spanish in the US this year

Hola, Alexa! Amazon finally launched a new voice model this week that allows developers to build skills for Spanish-speaking users. The feature was initially available to participants of the Alexa Preview program. This...

Vivo U10 Launched in India

Vivo has introduced it's online-exclusive U-Series of smartphone in India today targeted specifically at the youth, the Vivo U10, the first smartphone of this series gets an HD+ ...


Image to Text | The complete guide

We usually click photos of important documents, files, college notes, etc. But in case, if you want to edit the given photo then what...