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iOS 14

Apple’s WWDC 2020: Top iOS 14 features

Apple started its WWDC 2020 by addressing social issues like racism, inequality, and injustice and what Apple is doing to combat these issues. Like Apple's Racial equity and justice...
iPhone SE

iPhone SE: Comeback Of The Small Screen Phone

Apple Launched iPhone SE on April 15th. People Who Love The Apple Ecosystem And Are More Comfortable With A Small Sized Screen, Are The Target Audience.

Apple and Google team up to find and fight coronavirus

Apple and Google, it is a historical combining of two biggest tech rivals, come together to help curb the spread of COVID-19.
apple card

Apple Card | Everything you need to know

If you are thinking of getting a new credit card. Or you are just fed up with the hidden charges which pile up in your existing credit card, then good news...

Here are the Best 8-inch Tablets Available in the Market

Thinking to buy a 8-inch tablet in near future. We at Kickgadget have created a curated listicle for Tabletphiles. We have selected three categories and the best tablets in each category....
Apple iPhone XI

Apple iPhone XI Renders Made by HKI Products

Apple will be soon launching its next iPhone later this year. The next one in the X-series bears the name iPhone XI. Apple will also launch an iPhone with not as much...
Apple rejoins with Qualcomm settling dispute.

Apple, Qualcomm Surprise Agreement, 5G iPhones in 2020.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has announced his agreement with Qualcomm earlier Tuesday. This was unexpected because of their disputes in licensing back in 2017. Apple and Qualcomm have been battling over...
Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuit to start from Monday

Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuit to start from Monday

Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuit will begin on Monday and it’s expected to be an intense affair. The case between both the tech companies is over the use of technology. How much...

July 2019 witnesses the manufacture of iPhone X in India

Recent news revolving the contract manufacturers of Apple, called Wriston, states that they had started the production of the iPhone 7 in India. Also, the other widespread news states that Foxconn,...

Whatsapp for iPad is right around the corner!

Previously, in order to use WhatsApp on iPad, users had to use the Web version while having their iPhones connected to the internet. It's a neat workaround but the need for...