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Apple Silicon ARM-based

Apple plans to release two ARM-based MacBooks by the end of 2020

Apple’s WWDC 2020 was one of its kind, this was the first time Apple’s Developer Conference was streamed exclusively online. But the announcement that made waves this year was...
Apple Charging Case

Apple releases its charging cases for its high end devices

Apple finally launched the much-awaited smart charging cases for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. It is similar to the older models of charging cases for its older devices with...

Apple filed a patent for a foldable device; could be the next iPhone!

After the likes of Samsung and Huawei stunned everyone at this year’ MWC, by bringing foldable phones, it looks like Apple’s not far behind too! Yes. It’s been reported that the...

Netflix No Longer Accepts in-app Subscription for iOS

Netflix no longer allows users to pay for their subscriptions or renew them on iPhone or iPod. Also, it will no longer allow customers to subscribe throught iTunes as a way of...

Here are the Best 8-inch Tablets Available in the Market

Thinking to buy a 8-inch tablet in near future. We at Kickgadget have created a curated listicle for Tabletphiles. We have selected three categories and the best tablets in each category....
Tim Cook asks China to keep market open on behalf of global economy

Tim Cook asks China to keep its market open

CEO Tim Cook, on Saturday, asked China to ‘keep opening’ for international firms. He said that the future economy of the world depends on global collaboration. Apple's head was in Beijing, for...
Truecaller for iPhone gets Chat and Premium Gold Service

Truecaller for iPhone gets Chat feature, Premium Gold Service

Truecaller has finally rolled out Chat feature for its iPhone users, through its latest update. The Truecaller Chat had debuted for Android users, last year October. The feature enables users to have...
Iphone 12

iPhone 12 — No Charger in the box!?

It's becoming increasingly clear that all of the accessories that used to come with iPhones of the past won't come with the iPhone 12. First we heard Apple's...
Apple rejoins with Qualcomm settling dispute.

Apple, Qualcomm Surprise Agreement, 5G iPhones in 2020.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has announced his agreement with Qualcomm earlier Tuesday. This was unexpected because of their disputes in licensing back in 2017. Apple and Qualcomm have been battling over...

Whatsapp for iPad is right around the corner!

Previously, in order to use WhatsApp on iPad, users had to use the Web version while having their iPhones connected to the internet. It's a neat workaround but the need for...