VPN Unlimited : The Best VPN

Trying to open a Geo-restricted website. Here's a solution, VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN is a tool that you can use to access regional-blocked websites. It is a very popular tool...

Skytorrents! The best alternatives

Skytorrents: the ad-free life Do you ever encounter a torrent site with an ad-free experience? With its debut in 2017, this torrent search engine left everyone perplexed. The founder of skytorrents promised...


Recently there was a data breach on a very known organization ModBSolutions (Modern Business Solutions) which exposed personal records of at least 58 million subscribers. The data included their full names, IP...
craigslist personals replacement

Sunset of the Craigslist Personals Era

Since March last year, many people have been sent into a frenzy looking for a Craigslist personals replacement to find matches for casual flings and dates. Let's understand what it's all...

WinRAR has a 19 Year old flaw causing risk to computers.

From the past 20 years, WinRAR is the most used file-extraction software on windows computers. It's a software used to extract or compress files of various file formats. The WinRAR was recently...
Aadhaar data leaked

Security Lapse Leads to Aadhaar Data Leak

A Jharkhand based government web system leaked personal information and Aadhaar numbers of about 1,66,000 government employees in India. A lapse of security led to this Aadhaar data leak. This web system...

Massive Data Leak in Germany Leaks Chats and Details of Politicians

The data of numerous important politicians, broadcasters and celebrities was leaked in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel's personal information, including emails sent to and by her. It was one of the biggest data...


New Weekly Subscription Plan Of Netflix

Well, everyone is aware of Netflix. The American Media services provider founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph has reached over 139 million paid...