kodi addons

Top 5 Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows – June 2019

We know how difficult and troublesome it can be to find fully-functional add-ons to find the content you need.   Here, we present our latest list of the best, tried and tested,...

Superfetch | Is it really useful?

Windows 10 has many great features that add to its simplicity and usability, but some of the important features are working in the background making a difference. What is Superfetch? Superfetch is a...
do a barrel roll

Do a barrel roll

What's this "do a barrel roll"? Google always strives to provide the best online experience, its search engine is by far the best out there. Additionally, Google also cheers us once in...
msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner | Unrivalled overclocking experience

Are you satisfied with the gaming performance of your graphics card? Well, generally manufacturers clock the GPU and other components at a speed to control the temperature rise of the system...
pep boys tires

Change How You Buy Tires with Pep Boys Tires, Goodyear, Firestone

The way that you buy and install your tires is revolutionising. Gone are the days of trying to find stores that stock the exact kind of tires that you prefer and...
what is cached data

What is cached data?

With the technological advancements and new features added every day. We always hear many tech jargons such as cache, cookies, etc but we never actually pay attention to them, rather we...
kodi 18 builds

Kodi 18 Builds

Do you want an all-around media center capable of streaming local and online content in addition to an intuitive UI? Then, your quest ends here. For those who were unknown to...
Bold text generator

Bold Text Generator

Are you one of those chatty phone addicts, who just won't keep their phone down. And, always keep posting and chatting in several online groups. Or, are you the workaholic guy...
sports streaming

Sports streaming websites

Are you stuck in a terrible traffic jam, whilst missing your favorite football match over television? Nowadays, the internet has evolved into a big hub for sports lovers. With free Sports...
dead pixel test

Is it dead? Dead pixel test

A dead pixel test is used to testify the dead pixels on the screen. As a matter of fact, the tiny transistors inside a display are responsible for carrying current to...


TikTok Rating Drops From 4.5 ⭐ to 1.6 ⭐On Play Store

TikTok Has Witnessed A Rating Drop From 4.5 Stars To 2.0 Stars On The Google Play Store In The Past Few Days. Whereas The App Store Rating Remains Untouched To 4.8 Stars.