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Sodar: Social Distancing Using AR Now Possible

Follow Social Distancing Using AR With Sodar Isn’t Social Distancing The Buzz Word Around Us? It is Probably The Most Important Word These Days Too. You...
Expected Google pixel 4a phone

Google Pixel 4a-Everything about Google’s new phone

The recent leaks have provided important information around the phone. Pixel 4a’s new features are said to share the features with Pixel 4.
Google Meet

Meet the new features in Google Meet

Google Meet is fast becoming a popular conferencing app, competing against Zoom. Google has added new features to make communication easy and clear.
best video conferencing apps

Zoom VS Google Meet VS Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing applications is an important technology during this pandemic. All the businesses and schools are interacting through these platforms.
Social Media Addicted People

Social Media Addiction Is Not Your Fault, Here’s Why:

Social Media Addiction Is Not Your Fault, Here's Why:Tech Giants Have Engineers Sitting Behind The Screen Making Designs, Features Whose Main Aim Is To Make You To Use The App. Since They Design The Service In Such A Way That You Spend A Longer Time On Their App.

Apple and Google team up to find and fight coronavirus

Apple and Google, it is a historical combining of two biggest tech rivals, come together to help curb the spread of COVID-19.
Google creates special doodle for COVID19 staying homes

Reports on spreading of COVID 19 released by Google

Amidst COVID-19 Google has released reports to show control of spreading of coronavirus and how effective lockdowns are working. The COVID-19 pandemic that has infected...
google hangouts, hangouts, google

Location sharing removed on Hangouts

The post speaks about the fact that Google has planned to remove location sharing feature from hangouts.
Android 10

Android 10 is coming!

After waiting this long, Google has finally unveiled its latest Android operating system. And this time you won't be getting any dessert. Google took everyone by surprise when they decided to...
google my activity

Google My Activity

Some people think that achieving privacy in this vast online world is very easy. But, if you look into the details you will notice it is all a nexus from which...


Sports streaming websites

Are you stuck in a terrible traffic jam, whilst missing your favorite football match over television? Nowadays, the internet has evolved into a big...
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