Social Media Addicted People

Social Media Addiction Is Not Your Fault, Here’s Why:

Social Media Addiction Is Not Your Fault, Here's Why:Tech Giants Have Engineers Sitting Behind The Screen Making Designs, Features Whose Main Aim Is To Make You To Use The App. Since They Design The Service In Such A Way That You Spend A Longer Time On Their App.
Apple and google team up

Apple and Google Team up to “Contact Trace” Coronavirus.

Apple and Google have come together to fight the coronavirus pandemic. This article will also explain about the contact tracing technology and its privacy concern.
Slow Internet Speed

Internet Speed Drops In India During Lockdown

Internet Speed Drops In India During Lock down. According To Ookla, The Average Download Speed For Fixed Broadband Dropped From 39.65 Mbps In February To 35.98 Mbps In March. In Mobile Data, The Download Speed Reduced From 11.83 Mbps To 10.15 Mbps.
Skype Meet Now

Skype announces new Meet Now feature to rival Zoom.

This article explains you about the new Skype Meet Now feature and it also shows how to use it.
5G in china

China boosting its 5G network construction

China aims to speed up to 5G network coverage and capacity. China’s MIIT has instructed telecom providers to quicken the development of infrastructure.
Connection of devices for communication.

Data Communication- OSI and TCP/IP model

The exchange of data between any two communicating devices connected by a transmission medium is called data communication.
Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and YouTube slowdown in Europe

Netflix has decided to reduce the video quality to reduce the strain on the internet network providers. YouTube has switched to standard definition streaming by default, reducing the video quality.

Cryptocurrency trading is no longer illegal in India

In India crypto currency trading is finally legal. You might as well start trading and reap the profits out of it!
agricultural drone

Agricultural Drones

To meet the needs of the fast growing population, agriculture has been taken to a new height with implemented high-tech such as drones.
IoT in pharma

IoT in Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction Internet Of Things The Internet of Things is a wide network of interrelated devices. These devices communicate and transfer data. In...


How To Cancel Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are premium offerings of the most well known dating app. With over 50 million users in 190 countries, Tinder...


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