Microsoft Edge Is Now The 2nd Most Popular Browser

Microsoft Edge Is Now The 2nd Most Popular Browser

The Edge Browser Beats Mozilla Firefox Becoming The 2nd Most Popular Desktop Browser . While Google Chrome Is Still At The Top Of The List With 68.5% Market Share . For The First Time The Desktop Version Of Microsoft Edge Has Surpassed Firefox In Market Share .

Microsoft looks into the cracked screens in Surface 3.

Recently, some users reported cracking of surface 3 laptop screens. Microsoft has taken note of the issue and looking into it accordingly.

Excel Drop Down List

Excel is a great spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft, It features several tools to help you in making a spreadsheet or any sales chart, etc. But some of the...

Minecraft | Creative Ecstacy

Minecraft is touted as one of the most successful games of all time. If you are creative and want to challenge your skills then you can bet on Minecraft. Never heard...
activate windows 10

How to Activate Windows 10

Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft and is not free, you need to pay for the genuine copy. But many people just try to use the non-activated windows. Microsoft has been...
Excel Formulas

Excel Formulas – All You Need To Know

Excel, one of the packages of Microsoft Office and one of the most useful software for creating spreadsheets and data entry. The distinguishing feature of a spreadsheet program like Excel is...
windows 10 safe mode

Windows 10 safe mode

As a matter of fact, Windows is quite versatile and powerful operating system, it is the most widely used operating system, but there can be some hard times with windows. For...

Superfetch | Is it really useful?

Windows 10 has many great features that add to its simplicity and usability, but some of the important features are working in the background making a difference. What is Superfetch? Superfetch is a...
msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner | Unrivalled overclocking experience

Are you satisfied with the gaming performance of your graphics card? Well, generally manufacturers clock the GPU and other components at a speed to control the temperature rise of the system...

Service Host Superfetch Slowing Your PC Down?

Service Host Superfetch is a Windows Vista onwards feature for enhancing the speed and efficiency of your computer’s random memory. In short, by analysing your usage, it figures out which apps you...


Netflix warns against the trending Birdbox Challenge

Netflix has warned it’s users and the fans against the trending, potentially dangerous Birdbox challenge which is inspired by the movie ‘Birdbox’ on Netflix....