Free apps for android

Free Apps for Android to increase Productivity.

The year we are living in is 2019.And We tend to spend a lot of our time on our smartphones.  With the majority market share being Android, we've decided to list...
sports streaming

Sports streaming websites

Are you stuck in a terrible traffic jam, whilst missing your favorite football match over television? Nowadays, the internet has evolved into a big hub for sports lovers. With free Sports...

Pro-Level Animation Made Accessible by Viddyoze

Video animation has become an integral, almost unavoidable part of advertising. It grabs attention and makes any video look far more professional for a lot less effort than physically producing an...
Netflix mobile plan

Netflix is testing mobile plan for selected countries, launching in Malaysia

As per reports, streaming giant Netflix is testing cheaper mobile-only plans for select countries, specifically those in Asia-Pacific. Currently, the plan has launched in Malaysia with a price of $4.05 a...
Truecaller for iPhone gets Chat and Premium Gold Service

Truecaller for iPhone gets Chat feature, Premium Gold Service

Truecaller has finally rolled out Chat feature for its iPhone users, through its latest update. The Truecaller Chat had debuted for Android users, last year October. The feature enables users to have...

Discord’s music bot- Rythm

We all know, Skype has been a popular platform ever since video call came into existence. Likewise, there is similar software that has been designed for the video gaming community. Discord...
Netflix Website

New Weekly Subscription Plan Of Netflix

Well, everyone is aware of Netflix. The American Media services provider founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph has reached over 139 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Watching movies, documentaries and T.V...

Google Store Financing

How cool it would be if you got some extra time to payback when you buy the expensive phone from the market? Isn’t it amazing? At least those who desire a...
Jio Group Talk

Reliance Jio launches Jio Group Talk App for Android Users

Reliance Jio has launched Jio Group Talk Conference Calling app on Google Play Store for its Android users. The app also features lecture mode, mute participant feature, and many more. The app...
Antutu AI Review

Antutu AI Review, the all new AI benchmarking app

Antutu has come up with a scale to judge AI performance of different smartphones. Antutu AI Review is a benchmarking app which is popular among the critics and the people in...