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How to Use The Snapchat Search for Maximum Benefits

In 2011, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown together launched an app called Snapchat. It is a popular messaging app which uses images and videos to communicate known as 'Snaps'...

Best online photoshop tools

This is an era of digital photography. Gone are those days when people waited long to get their photos washed and edited in the studio. Nowadays, people can edit and upload...

Facebook Messenger gets a Dark Mode

Facebook dark mode has been officially on its messenger app rolling out globally. It was announced on 15 April 2019 on the Product blog of the company. The feature can be...

Google Store Financing

How cool it would be if you got some extra time to payback when you buy the expensive phone from the market? Isn’t it amazing? At least those who desire a...

Pro-Level Animation Made Accessible by Viddyoze

Video animation has become an integral, almost unavoidable part of advertising. It grabs attention and makes any video look far more professional for a lot less effort than physically producing an...
sports streaming

Sports streaming websites

Are you stuck in a terrible traffic jam, whilst missing your favorite football match over television? Nowadays, the internet has evolved into a big hub for sports lovers. With free Sports...
Instagram viewer

5 Best Instagram Viewer Websites of 2019

Instagram is the most popular social media website with over 1 billion accounts that are active every single month. Instagram is a phone-based application. It's not technically designed to be used...

Tik Tok Porn is intoxicating the platform

TikTok is a short video app developed by a company named ByteDance which is no doubt an incredible company. The app has been at #1 spots in the free apps section...

How To Cancel Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are premium offerings of the most well known dating app. With over 50 million users in 190 countries, Tinder has a rapid user growth and a...
Free apps for android

Free Apps for Android to increase Productivity.

The year we are living in is 2019.And We tend to spend a lot of our time on our smartphones.  With the majority market share being Android, we've decided to list...