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Avast vpn review

Avast VPN Review

Let's start our Avast VPN review by clearing basics on VPN. VPN or virtual private network is a security tool. To shield you from prying eyes in the online world and...
digital storm aventum x

Digital Storm Aventum X – Luxury Gaming PC

The Digital Storm Aventum X PC is the ultimate new way to flex for all extreme gamers. It is a beast of a computer, with looks and dimensions to match the...

Quell 2.0 – A Revolution for Chronic Pain Patients

Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief Device is a system that uses electrical nerve stimulation to relieve chronic pain, like for patients of sciatica pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, etc. It is...
Zona Plus

Zona Plus for a smart and healthy lifestyle

Zona health is a handheld, software controlled device which uses isometric therapy to aid in improving cardiovascular health. Zona Plus is the worlds' first handheld device which can improve cardiovascular health. A...
Heartbeat ring by The Touch

Heartbeat rings

You may have heard of many smart wearables in the market. But have you ever heard of a smart ring? Well, this sophisticated ring definitely brings tech to the next level....

Discord’s music bot- Rythm

We all know, Skype has been a popular platform ever since video call came into existence. Likewise, there is similar software that has been designed for the video gaming community. Discord...
Smart water bottle

Smart Water Bottle? Make the right choice!

Why Do you need a smart water bottle? Well, do you always carry a bottle and still, forget to drink water. Likewise, many people assume that they drink enough water throughout...
I7-8550U Processor

I7 -8550U: The Intel Core 8th Gen Processor

The I7-8550U Processor released by Intel on August 21, 2007, solved the problem for superlight laptops. I must say that it got a lot of market attention because these superlight laptops...
logitech g903

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

So you end up searching a gaming mouse, and you got plenty of options with weird and wacky names. While there are many brands in the gaming peripheral industry, but Logitech...
Bethesda Net

Bethesda Net

If you want to go for STEAM like gaming and thinking about whether to choose one or not. Then you must have come across Bethesda.Net and would be unsure about it....