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Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot for Discord

Today Automation is leading us to a free and creative life. Using certain Web Tools, you can fully automate your tasks. Talking about the Discord (a VOIP application), it offers a...
digital storm aventum x

Digital Storm Aventum X – Luxury Gaming PC

The Digital Storm Aventum X PC is the ultimate new way to flex for all extreme gamers. It is a beast of a computer, with looks and dimensions to match the...
cherry mx blue

Cherry MX blue keyboard switches

Keyboards are a very essential part of our digital life, whether you are using your PC for gaming or normal typing. But, do you know that all the mechanical keyboards are...
disney circle

Disney Circle Parental Controls: Review

One of the most stressful concerns for millennial parents is monitoring the kind of online content their children consume, the time of the day when they come online, and for how...

Discord’s music bot- Rythm

We all know, Skype has been a popular platform ever since video call came into existence. Likewise, there is similar software that has been designed for the video gaming community. Discord...
VLC Download

VLC Download For Free!

VideoLAN is the non-profit organization which makes multimedia softwares. The company is based in France. It develops open-source softwares that are released under General Public License. You can even support the...
corsair void pro

Corsair Void Pro RBG Headset: Review

The Corsair Void Pro RGB wireless headset is perhaps the best premium level gaming headset you can buy for under $100 right now. It includes many features that are popular among...
ring alarm system

Ring alarm system

The ring is a security company that was recently acquired by Amazon. This followed the expansion of the Ring. Ring started just with smart doorbell rings, but now it has launched...
logitech g903

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

So you end up searching a gaming mouse, and you got plenty of options with weird and wacky names. While there are many brands in the gaming peripheral industry, but Logitech...
dell g7

Dell G7 15 7590 Review

The Dell G7 7590 Windows 10 gaming laptop is a part of Dell’s latest and much acclaimed affordable gaming device series. With a 15-inch or 17-inch narrow display, a thin(under 20mm),...