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Illustration of the earth and mars

How far is mars from earth

The Red Planet - Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest planet behind mercury. Evidently, Earth is placed third from the sun and hence,...

How long does it take to get to the moon

Human missions usually take longer than passenger-free missions. Distance You’d think that the distance between the earth and the moon is uniform,...

Hubble Space Telescope observations Reveal a stunning Galaxy

Hubble space telescope observations reveal a stupendous spiral galaxy which is 30 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. After celebrating its recent 29 year anniversary in space, Hubble continues to give...

NASA released the first 8k footage of space

NASA shared the first 8K quality footage of the space. This allows us to see the earth the way astronauts see it. This intriguing video is driving netizens and nerds crazy...
SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy.

How Powerful is the Falcon Heavy?

A few years back a man named Musk set off on a journey to build reusable rockets. He worked in his SpaceX Company and came up with the world's most powerful...

Hubble turns 29! Unlocking the great mysteries

29 years back NASA/ESA space telescope Hubble made it to the space to help humans unlock the greatest mysteries of the space. Hubble has been serving humanity for the past 30 years....
Mars and Saturn

Hubble captures brilliant pictures of Mars and Saturn

The Hubble space telescope captured the best pictures of the planets Saturn and Mars. These pictures can only be surpassed by the images taken by the space crafts visiting the planet. In...
Parker in front of the Sun

Blobs Burped from the Sun, seems 500 times the Earth!

The Parker Solar Probe that is currently on a mission to “touch” the Sun and is en route to it. The spacecraft aims at getting a good understanding of the sphere...
nasa creates hot jupiter

NASA creates ‘Hot Jupiter’ Atmosphere in its Labs

NASA, as always, comes up with all extraordinary experiments. It did just the same again. It created the atmosphere of super-hot Jupiters, in its labs. This was done to understand conditions...
isro launches young scientist program class 9

ISRO announces ‘Young Scientist Program’ for Class 9 students

ISRO has announced a ‘Young Scientist Program’ for class 9 students and is providing training on space technology and its applications. The Yuva Vigyani Karyakram by ISRO conveys basics of space technology,...


Reliance Jio launches Jio Group Talk App for Android Users

Reliance Jio has launched Jio Group Talk Conference Calling app on Google Play Store for its Android users. The app also features lecture mode,...
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