nasa creates hot jupiter

NASA creates ‘Hot Jupiter’ Atmosphere in its Labs

NASA, as always, comes up with all extraordinary experiments. It did just the same again. It created the atmosphere of super-hot Jupiters, in its labs. This was done to understand conditions...
Mars and Saturn

Hubble captures brilliant pictures of Mars and Saturn

The Hubble space telescope captured the best pictures of the planets Saturn and Mars. These pictures can only be surpassed by the images taken by the space crafts visiting the planet. In...

SpaceX’s ‘Starlink’ — and how it’s going to forever revolutionize the Internet.

The dream of being able to access the internet, no matter where you live might become a reality sooner than you might think. In 2015, SpaceX, the company...
Parker in front of the Sun

Blobs Burped from the Sun, seems 500 times the Earth!

The Parker Solar Probe that is currently on a mission to “touch” the Sun and is en route to it. The spacecraft aims at getting a good understanding of the sphere...

Hubble Space Telescope observations Reveal a stunning Galaxy

Hubble space telescope observations reveal a stupendous spiral galaxy which is 30 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. After celebrating its recent 29 year anniversary in space, Hubble continues to give...
SpaceX falcon9

SpaceX’s Starlink launch cancelled minutes before lift-off due to bad weather.

SpaceX has been forced to cancel its latest launch due to adverse weather conditions. The Falcon 9's launch was scrubbed just minutes before its scheduled launch...

SpaceX blows up huge Starship SN7 test tank on purpose

SpaceX pushed a massive tank for their latest Starship prototype beyond its limits Tuesday (June 23) in an intentionally explosive test in South Texas.

China’s Chang’e 4 Creates History by Landing on The Far Side of The Moon

China's spacecraft Chang'e 4 created history as it became the first spacecraft to have ever explored the so called "dark side" of the Lunar surface. The spacecraft sent back pictures a...

NASA captures the collapse of a star which led to a formation of an...

A team of astronomers at NASA have captured the image of a star which collapsed to form a new object. It also happens to be the first of its kind. Now,...

NASA’s SLS, and why it’s still relevant in today’s world of reusable rockets.

SLS, short for Space Launch System, is going to be NASA's super heavy-lift expendable launch vehicle. It has under development since its announcement in 2011. With plans to launch...


Google’s Doodle web app, the Google Canvas launched

Google has finally launched its own web doodle app, the Google Canvas, which allows the users to doodle anything on the go. It is...