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Hubble turns 29! Unlocking the great mysteries

29 years back NASA/ESA space telescope Hubble made it to the space to help humans unlock the greatest mysteries of the space. Hubble has been serving humanity for the past 30 years....
Mars and Saturn

Hubble captures brilliant pictures of Mars and Saturn

The Hubble space telescope captured the best pictures of the planets Saturn and Mars. These pictures can only be surpassed by the images taken by the space crafts visiting the planet. In...
isro launches young scientist program class 9

ISRO announces ‘Young Scientist Program’ for Class 9 students

ISRO has announced a ‘Young Scientist Program’ for class 9 students and is providing training on space technology and its applications. The Yuva Vigyani Karyakram by ISRO conveys basics of space technology,...


Netflix warns against the trending Birdbox Challenge

Netflix has warned it’s users and the fans against the trending, potentially dangerous Birdbox challenge which is inspired by the movie ‘Birdbox’ on Netflix....