23andMe vs. Ancestry

23andMe is an at-home genetic test through which customers can access information about their ethnicity, family history and health factors. Ancestry is a genealogy software that...

How to use Kodi

Kodi is a simple though not exactly straightforward media player, more like a program for streaming media content. It is open source and free to use. The orignal developers...

How to play minesweeper

Hey, probably you already know about the minesweeper, it is one of the classic games and had gained popularity after being featured in windows. But, the game seemed confusing...

How to delete a Gmail Account

Almost every one of us uses Gmail, the mail service from Google is handy and offers a simple interface to work over. But if you are wondering to delete...
nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has recently launched its latest switch gaming console. It is quite unlike, but if you don't know about the Switch, it is Nintendo's gaming hybrid console. It provides...
DisplayPort vs HDMI vs DVI vs VGA

DisplayPort vs HDMI vs VGA vs DVI: Which one is the best?

When you decide to buy a new monitor for your computer, chances are you would find one of the ports in it. All these ports are not same and have different...

Can I Run It : Your Question Answered

"Can I Run It" It is one of more most important question that gamers have. To know whether the newest AAA title can be played on the existing specifications of the...
OontZ Angle 3

OontZ Angle 3

Cambridge SoundWorks has come up with yet another incredible product. OontZ Angle3 has been launched recently and has made a remarkable impression on the market. This portable speaker comes up with...


WHAT IS THIS ERROR? This is the error code which is generated :     When there is any misconfiguration to network. When DNS lookup fails to identify the network service.   HOW TO FIX THIS...
Tesla Roadster

Technology of Tesla Charging and Batteries Revealed

  Tesla, an American electric automobile company established in 2003. The company aims in delivering electric automotive solution. Tesla aims to stop relying on fossil fuels and move towards a zero-emission future...


Netflix warns against the trending Birdbox Challenge

Netflix has warned it’s users and the fans against the trending, potentially dangerous Birdbox challenge which is inspired by the movie ‘Birdbox’ on Netflix....
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