Firefox Equals Privacy

Firefox: This Browser Deserves Your Attention

Mozilla Firefox Is A Very Popular Web Browser Just Like Google Chrome.We’ll Discuss Why Firefox May Be A Better Option For Surfing The Internet. We’ll Compare It With Google Chrome, The Most Popular Web Browser, Which Most People Use.
Aarogya Setu App

Aarogya Setu Wristband Is Being Planned

Why Aarogya Setu Wristbands? With The Rise In COVID-19 Patients, It Has Become Important To Track People Who Come In Contact...
Construction using 3D printing

3D Printing in the Construction Industry

Concrete 3D printing is as same as the technology of 3D printing. Here, concrete or earth materials are placed in layers, to construct a house.
Advantages of 3D printing

How 3D Printing technology is helping in the time of need

Many countries often face shortage in equipment. 3D printing is greatly helping in providing supplies at affordable prices and taking less time.
3D printing

3D Printing in Medical field

3D printing in medical field has caused a transformation in numerous areas, revolutionizing medicine and providing relief to all.
Minecraft nvidia RTx

Nvidia announces all-new Minecraft with RTX

In August 2019, Nvidia and Mojang announced that they have teamed up. They will present us with the all-new RTX ray tracing in the Windows version of Minecraft. However,...

Enterprise Storage Systems Markets Will Decline in 2020

COVID-19 will impact Worldwide Server and Enterprise Storage Systems Markets Will Decline in 2020, According to IDC. The expenditure of the "End-user" thereon infrastructure (server and enterprise storage systems)...

How you have been exploited by the smartphone Giants over the time.

How you have been exploited by the smartphone Giants over the time.

Ninite : Get trusted apps

Sometimes you would have encountered the situations where you had to install multiple applications on your PC. Doing this is a tedious job, you will have to download them...

Spotify Web Player not working

Spotify is one of the favorite destinations for audiophiles and casual music lovers. The app has a plethora of audio files ranging from Apple Music, Amazon Music and many...


Twitter now allows you to invite people into Periscope Live stream

Twitter today added a new feature to its Periscope live streaming app. It now gives its users the liberty to invite guests into the...

Google Store Financing