China’s spacecraft Chang’e 4 created history as it became the first spacecraft to have ever explored the so called “dark side” of the Lunar surface. The spacecraft sent back pictures a few hours post it’s landing through the Queqiao (Magpie Bridge) satellite that had been launched earlier in May, 2018.

At around 10:26 AM, on the 3rd of January, 2019, the spacecraft landed on Von Karman, a 186 KM diameter crater in the South Pole Aitken Basin. The Chang’e 4 was launched on the 7th of December, 2018 and it entered the Lunar Orbit on the 12th of December.

This particular site was selected because of the large quantities of ice and water discovered on the surface in the recent past and it is believed that the deposits were made by asteroids and meteors and has remained there ever since. Alongside, the lander will also be verifying the effects of lunar gravity on living organisms.

The test will be conducted through a steel container called the Lunar Micro Ecosystem which will contain seeds and insect eggs along with the heat and air they need in order to survive. This will test the growth of plants and the hatching of insect eggs in Lunar Gravity.

The spacecraft comprised of a lunar lander and a six wheeled rover. The Yutu-2 rover was the first ever to leave a mark on the far side of the moon, marking another giant leap for mankind


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