Are you tired of playing the same illogical boring games? Then maybe you should try cool math games for a while. It will surely help you in the quest for a sharp brain and will eliminate the boredom of playing the same game every time. Cool math games contains various quizzes and games. It helps the children to engage in a competitive and logically challenging gaming experience. The website hosts a variety of mathematics and logic related games. These games are proven to augment the brain’s activity and will aid in the proper development of the logical skills in children and teenagers.

cool math games

Don’t form the impression that the website is only for kids. The website contains animated games but the games are equally suited for adults. In fact, adults can find it to be quite fascinating. Moreover, it can be a great way to kill free time during a boring commute.

Let’s get started with Cool Math Games!

Actually, there are four websites in total working with the cool math games website. The other three are Cool Math, CoolMath4Kids & Quizlife. Summing them together generates a massive user base.

Each website specializes in a different genre of games:

  1. Cool math games – It offers logical games, mazes, puzzles, and skill games.
  2. Quiz Life – It offers a quiz on various topics, suitable for all age groups.
  3. CoolMath4Kids – Website for everyone to learn or teach mathematics with fun.
  4. Cool math – It offers a variety of topics to learn with fun such as Algebra, Pre-Calculus, etc. cool math games

There are plenty of games on the website to explore. The best part, however, is that you don’t need to download any of the games. The games can be played online just by enabling the flash player plugin in your browser. Also, all the games support both PC and mobile.


The website is user-friendly and does not carry any risks, also, the free version does contain ads. But is does not contain any violence, adult, or any other in explicit content. Therefore, the platform is safe for the usage of kids.

The interface of the website is quite sleek and minimalist. The games are divided into various categories. Ranging from Strategy, Skill, Logic, Trivia and many more. Also, new and trending games are displayed on the homepage for a quick try.

Overall, the website offers a decent gaming environment and also doesn’t gobble up on device resources. Therefore, you can play these games on any device which is capable to surf the internet. Playing these games is a better way to relax than the resource-hungry games having massive size causing low-end devices to lag.

Now that we had enough about the website let’s see some of the top kickgadget’s picked games that you should try out once-

  • Fireboy and Watergirl in the forest temple

The game is very fun to play and will help to develop the analytical skills in the player. The game has two characters namely fireboy and watergirl. Fireboy is red and is harmed by the blue liquid, supposedly water. And Watergirl is blue and is harmed by the red liquid.

cool math games

Also, both of them are vulnerable to green fluid. You have to control both of them and help them reach the top by activating different switches and collecting diamonds on the way. The timer given on the top of screen helps to make the game quite challenging. You need to move both the characters fastly in order to score good. Play the game here.

  • Run 3

cool math games

It is an endless running game, in which the character, resembling some kind of space-bunny is made to run over a broken tunnel and you have to keep him from falling outside. The game helps you to develop your response time.

You can run sideways all the way 360 degrees, and obviously, you have the jump ability. The game has different levels all going up to infinity, so you will never be bored. In short, it is more fun and engaging than temple run or subway surfers. Make sure you give it a try here.

  • Checkers

It is one of the most loved classic board games of all time. Checkers is also known as “Draughts”. The goal of the game is to remove all the opponent’s pieces from the board. The game requires good logical and analytical skills.

cool math games

To capture an opponent’s piece and remove it from the board, you need to “jump” over their piece with one of yours.

If one of your pieces gets to the opposite side of the board (your opponent’s back row), it will turn into a King. Kings can move and jump diagonally in any direction (remember, your regular pieces can only move forward). They can even combine jumps forward and backward on the same turn!

You win by removing all of your opponent’s pieces from the board, or if your opponent can’t make a move. Play the game here!


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