Corsair RM850x fan and wires.

Corsair, one of the largest companies in the PC market, had initially released the RM series many years ago. Their products are designed to be reliable, quiet and offer good overall performance. All these products are at a reasonable price. Later, the company added new features, introducing the new series, RMi and RMx. However, the added features came at higher prices.

The RMx series is quite similar to its original family. It consist of quality modular PSUs that offers good overall performance and quiet operation. The advantage of the modular PSUs is that it can be independently created, modified and exchanged.

Corsair RM850x PSU comes 80 PLUS gold certified.


The Corsair RM850x comes 80 plus gold certified, providing high efficiency operation with lower power consumption. Moreover, it has the advantage of emitting less noise and cools down quickly.

The fan set inside ensures minimum noise emission, even at maximum usage. On the other hand, at low and medium usage, the cooling fan switches off entirely for silent operations.

It uses 100% industrial grade, 105 degrees Celsius rated Japanese capacitors. Therefore, ensuring continuous power supply and long-term reliability.

Along with the PSU, the company provides an AC power cable, M3.5 mounting screws, a thorough manual printed in 10 different languages, a case badge and cable ties. In addition, they provide modular cables, making clean and easily building.

Modular cables help in easy and clean building of the Corsair RM850x PSU.

The casing of the Corsair RM850x ensures an easy fit in almost all modern PC cases.

The compatibility is at ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards.

PC gaming fans and lovers can purchase the Corsair RM850x PSU at $ 144.99 (INR 11,077) from Amazon. Moreover, there are 2 options of colors: 80 PLUS Gold and 80 PLUS Silver.

Many options in size include 550 Watts, 650 Watts, 750 Watts, 850 Watts and 1000 Watts.

Most users need the modular power supply unit for multi-GPU builds. Moreover, the reliability and balance provided by its performance make the Corsair RM850x the all-round top choice.

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