cpu stress test

Nowadays, manufacturers make devices with a certain rating to withstand adverse conditions. The process of testing and establishing that limit is known as stress testing. It is necessary to obtain the peak limit of the hardware.

Stress testing refers to the testing of software or hardware to determine whether its performance is satisfactory under any extreme conditions. It is also used to determine the breaking point of the equipment in real-life scenarios.

Stress testing is done from a different perspective for all kinds of software and hardware.

CPU testing

CPU is tested to check the temperature tolerance and performance in case of adverse workload. The CPU should be able to work in moderate temperatures and workloads.

Moreover, any modification such as overvolting, overclocking, undervolting, underclocking are verified to determine whether they can withstand heavy loads, by running software which creates a virtually extensive problem for the CPU to create stress.


System Monitor

Before stress testing your system, it is more important to check that everything is in control, high temperature can be very dangerous for the system and can cause inevitable damage to the hardware. You can download HWMonitor which is a free software to get all the hardware stats in real-time.

HWMonitor is developed by a well-known company, CPUID. While there are different temperature thresholds for GPU’s and CPU’s. But it is recommended to keep the CPU temperature below 70°C and the GPU temperature below 100°C. Laptop components are designed to run a little warmer, so laptop CPU can withstand up to 95°C. But, some laptops are poorly designed and can’t withstand such load and may cross 100°C rapidly. I’d recommend to rather return the laptop in that case.

CPU Testing software

Prime 95

This is one of the oldest and best CPU testing software. Prime95 essentially finds Mersenne prime numbers using the CPU and generates very heavy load in the process. Generally, a continuous run of about 6 hours indicates that the CPU is good and will not have issues over its lifetime. However, it is advised to keep the temperatures in the secure range.

You can download the free software from here.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

If you happen to own an Intel CPU then, one of the best CPU stress testing tools actually comes directly from the company who has manufactured your CPU. Intel Processor Diagnostic tool will verify the processor, its operating frequency, test all its functionality. Then it will proceed with the stress testing in one of the most intense ways possible. This test can be set to run on a loop and even be set to automatically shut down if the CPU overheats.

You can download the free software from here.


AIDA64 is a very comprehensive full system diagnostic utility, it is typically aimed at engineers, system enthusiasts, and IT professionals. Among all the tools to test the CPU, it also has a tool to check System Stability by stressing every component from CPU to RAM to the GPU.

What makes AIDA64 unique is that it will tell you if the CPU begins throttling, or slowing down when the temperature is too high.

DISCLAIMER: Using a CPU stress testing software can cause inevitable damage to the hardware, the heat generation is very harmful to the CPU. Kickgadget is not liable for any damage caused after using the software.


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