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Dark mode for Facebook is here. Facebook has finally started to roll out its Dark Mode feature for mobile users. Facebook had already released its Dark mode for its desktop interface in May 2020. This time some users of iOS and iPadOS get to be the ones who test out its Dark Mode, although some Android users have been testing its Dark Mode since the beginning of the year.

According to SocialMediaToday its is only available for “ a small percentage of users globally right now,”.

Considering how Dark Mode is trending these days Facebook took a good amount of time to release Dark Mode for its mobile app. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram had already received Dark Mode feature quite early.

Unlike Facebook Messenger and Instagram, Facebook’s Dark Mode won’t be completely black. It will feature a grayscale design with white accents for logos and icons.

Some users have started posting screenshots of the new Dark mode interface on Twitter.

Benefits of Dark Mode

The Dark Mode has many advantages compared to the normal or Light Mode if you would like to call it that. Dark colours use less energy than light colours and hence save battery power, therefore extending the battery life of devices and increase the screen on time. Dark Mode saves a lot of energy especially if the devices use OLED or AMOLED screens.

It reduces eyestrain by enhancing readability in low light conditions, as light text on a dark background is optimal in terms of readability in low light conditions. Glare, flickering, and blue light emission is also reduced by making the majority of the screen dark. Although long test pose a bit of a challenge in reading in dark mode.

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